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The Yukon 8" Zip Locker is an air operated locker similar in design to the ARB Air Locker, but at a more competitive price. Like the Grizzly and Spartan, Yukon improved upon existing technology by developing strong and reliable lockers. The Zip Locker is based on a proven design that Marlin has used since the late 1980's, but yet it features a strong forged nodular case with high-nickel 4320 Chromoly steel internals for increased strength.

The Zip Locker works with air pressure supplied to a bonded seal which drives a clutch onto a splined gear. This locks the spider gears from rotating resulting in a 100% fully locked axle. With the flip of a switch, air pressure is released and a return spring slides the clutch off the splined gear and the differential unlocks.

Includes a complete installation kit with the following:
  • Includes necessary 4cyl carrier bearings
  • Seal housing
  • O-rings
  • Nylon air line
  • Push-in air fitting and adapters
  • Solenoid valve
  • Switch with front and rear locker covers
  • Zip ties
  • Installation instructions
  • Service manual
Zip Lockers work with a variety of air delivery systems including air compressors, on-board air, powertanks, and more. All Zip Lockers are assembled in the USA and are recommended for any type of Rock Crawler. Yukon is so confident with the Zip, they include a one year warranty!
Direct Fit Into...
1986-1987 Hilux rear w/ 22R-TE
1988-1995 Hilux rear w/ 3VZ-E
1986-1987 4Runner w/ 22R-TE
1988-1995 4Runner w/ 3VZ-E
1996-2002 4Runner
1991-1997 80-series High Pinion
2007+ FJ Cruiser rear (non E-Locker)
Fits with a REQUIRED
4cyl Conversion Bearing Kit

(available here)
1979-1985 Hilux front
1979-1995 Hilux rear
1984-1985 4Runner front
1984-1995 4Runner rear w/ 22R-E

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Zip Locker Warranty Info

Zip Locker Warranty

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