Grizzly Locker 8" 4cyl

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1979-1985 Hilux
1979-1995 Hilux
1984-1985 4Runner
1984-1995 4Runner

Yukon Grizzly Locker for Toyota 8" differential with 30 spline axles. The Yukon Grizzly Locker uses 8620 chromoly internals and a patent pending design to provide maximum strength and reduce common failures.

Grizzly automatic lockers are a great choice for trail, street, and towing. Compared to other automatic lockers, the Grizzly Locker has a softer engagement/disengagement thanks to a freely-rotating component design complete with an improved teeth engagement profile. Internally the Grizzly locker works like a ratchet wrench. This locker prevents either wheel from going slower than the ring gear. When unloaded, it allows non-uniform wheel speed to cope with cornering and maneuvering your vehicle. Grizzly lockers are fast becoming the leading automatic locker of choice.
Make traction problems a thing of the past today!

Note: 4cyl differential applications can be upgraded to V6 units.

Grizzly Locker Warranty & Demonstration

Grizzly Locker Warranty

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