Front, 8-inch High Pinion (RD132)

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The world famous ARB Air Locker!

ARB developed a truly selectable locking differential over 30 years ago. This innovative design applies Air pressure to a bonded seal which drives a clutched gear onto a splined gear. This locks the spider gears from turning and the result is a 100% locked axle. A flip of the switch releases the air pressure and allows the return springs to slide the clutch gear off of the splined gear returning the differential to its original unlocked state.

Direct Fit Into...
1986-1987 Hilux rear w/ 22R-TE
1988-1995 Hilux rear w/ 3VZ-E
1986-1987 4Runner w/ 22R-TE
1988-1995 4Runner w/ 3VZ-E
1996-2002 4Runner
1991-1997 80-series High Pinion
2007+ FJ Cruiser rear (non E-Locker)
Fits with a REQUIRED
4cyl Conversion Bearing Kit

(available here)
1979-1985 Hilux front
1979-1995 Hilux rear
1984-1985 4Runner front
1984-1995 4Runner rear w/ 22R-E

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