Zip Equip 9.5"

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Please allow approximately 6 weeks for your new differential to be built.


HD EcoSeal

HD Flange

Toyota 9.5" Yukon Zip Locker completely assembled differential, 100% ready to drop in. Features a competition-proven design and Yukon quality locker plus all our exclusive Heavy Duty internal parts including our HD pinion EcoSeal! The Zip Locker is a selectable locking differential with a "open" and "locked" position. When using the "open" function the differential operates as a normal stock differential, allowing torque differentiation which reduces tire wear. At the flip of a switch, the Zip Locker "locks" becoming fully locked where both tires turn the same speed regardless of traction or torque. This gives you the ability to have a street friendly differential with full 100% traction off-road.

Marlin Crawler differentials are always built using the highest quality parts available: Yukon Gears, Toyota OEM KOYO Japanese bearings (whenever applicable), our heavy duty EcoSeal pinion seal, our heavy duty 5-27 pinion flange, and our heavy duty solid pinion spacer.

Note: Yukon Zip Locker differentials will still require an air source. We recommend the ARB Air compressor but other air source can be made to work. The units have and open air port on the 3rd member which must be install to an clean air source or plugged to as soon as the differentials is installed.

NEW! We no longer charge labor when you purchase a fully built differential from us! (Saves $250!)

Zip Locker Warranty Info

Zip Locker Warranty

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