Toyota Electric Equip 8" V6

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Please allow approximately 3 weeks for your new differential to be built.


HD EcoSeal

HD Flange

Brand-New Toyota TRD 8" Completely Assembled Differential equipped with a Toyota Electric Locker and all our exclusive Heavy Duty internal parts including our HD pinion EcoSeal!

Setup using the highest quality of Yukon Gears using Toyota OEM Japnese KOYO and Timken bearings, and our heavy duty EcoSeal pinion seal with our super strong "5-27" 5-pattern flange with our solid pinion spacer. All parts brand new Toyota, Yukon, and Marlin Crawler. You cannot find find a stronger, better built Electric Locker anywhere else but here.

If you are looking for installation and electric wiring information for the Toyota Electric Locking Differential, then look no further than our excellent collection of E-Locker tech and install notes found in our tech section through the following link: Electric Locker Wiring Information. Also, we have instructions on how to index the electric motor actuator if you ever decide to rebuild the unit: How to Index your Electric Locker Motor.

NEW! We no longer charge labor when you purchase a fully built differential from us! (Saves $250!)

Yukon Summer Bundle

Marlin Crawler and Yukon is offering a Summer Bundle Rebate now through September 10!

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