Clutch Release Collar

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Clutch Release CollarClutch Release Bearing Hub Location
SKU: TOY-31231-20090

Replace your worn or broken clutch release bearing collar with a New OEM Genuine Toyota part Made In Japan.

This collar is used in all 4cyl 1981-1988 Pickup's and 4cyl 1984-1989 4Runner's that utilize a 2-piece release bearing design. 1986-87 Turbo versions use a slightly different integrated collar+clip design that is no longer offered by Toyota. The overall dimensions are the same as is the release bearing. Therefore, for Turbo applications, simply replace your outdated collar with this unit and pickup a new pair of matching clips here.

When replacing your clutch, inspect the release collar for damage and replace if there is excessive wear. A worn out release bearing collar will shorten the life of the release bearing and pressure plate, and cause chatter resulting in increased wear to the transmission nose cone.

We highly recommend this Genuine Toyota part to ensure proper clutch operation for many miles to come. Always lubricate all contact points to prevent premature wear as shown on page 3 of our Installation Guide here.

Bearing Installation Tip: The bearing must be pressed onto the collar with the rounded face facing the pressure plate, and the flat face facing the collar. If the bearing is pressed on backwards, then the force from the pressure plate will deform the outer race causing both races to contact the pressure plate resulting in premature failure to both components. It's easy to do correctly: Just make sure you cannot read the bearing part number once the bearing is pressed onto the collar.

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