3.4L 5VZ Flywheel Bolt

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Flywheel Bolt, 5VZFlywheel Bolt, 5VZFSM Flywheel Bolt Diagram for 5VZ-FE
SKU: MCHT-4124

This is a Genuine Toyota 5VZ Flywheel Bolt. It fits all 1995-2004 3.4-liter 5VZ-FE engines and does not come with pre-applied thread sealant.

Please see the included Factory Service Manual instructions above. Apply adhesive, such as Permatex No.2 or Permatex High Tack onto the threads before assembly. Torque to 63 lb-ft in the sequential order shown. We recommend the following three passes: 20 lb-ft, then 40 lb-ft, then finally 63 lb-ft.

Dimensions: 12mm long X 10mm diameter X 1.25mm thread pitch. The entire bolt measures 31mm in length and has a 14mm hex head pattern.

Sold individually, 8 required per engine.

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