1986-87 Turbo 4cyl 1,200-lb Clutch Kit

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1986-87 22R-TE

Our Heavy Duty Clutch Kits are a huge step above stock clutches, and unlike other aftermarket clutches, are designed for the Rock Crawler. Throughout the 1980s, Marlin had used LuK and BorgWarner Clutches with much displeasure. Both kits seemed to loose their "new clutch" feel, and seemed to wear out sooner than stock. Marlin wanted a clutch kit that grabbed better and lasted longer, but without wearing out his legs over a long weekend trail.

What he did was gather multiple kits from various manufactures and combined components to build the best clutch kit available. Today we no longer have to combine kits as we now have them assembled from the manufacture exactly to Marlin's specifications. The end result is a clutch that offers excellent longevity, smooth pedal pressure for those long days on the trail, and a high torque rating for a sure engagement every time.

All kits feature new parts. Each Kit Includes:
  • Heavy Duty 1,200 ft-lb Pressure Plate
  • 33% higher load rating than stock
  • Heavy Duty Metallic Clutch Disc
  • Japanese Release Bearing
  • Pilot Bearing
  • Alignment Tool

SECO Clutch Disc
  • We stand by SECO Quality
  • Co-designed in Japan with AISIN
  • Preferred over AISIN disks because...
    • AISIN uses plastic spring retainers
    • AISIN uses single springs
  • SECO features a Robust Double-Spring Design
  • Heavy duty spring design tames heavy shocks or loads
  • Excellent heat and wear resistance
  • Circumferential grooves & nickel coated splines
  • Proudly using SECO disks for 10+ years

AISIN Clutch Cover
  • We like AISIN Clutch Covers
  • Heat treated diaphragm spring
  • Hot-setting process reduces load fatigue
  • Ribbed spring improves clutch-release
  • Features DST (Diaphragm Spring Turnover) for improved clutch-release

It's this unique combination of parts that makes the Marlin Crawler Rock Crawling Clutch Kit stand out from the rest!

This Heavy Duty kit features a 1,200 ft-lb pressure plate, which is a step up from the stock clutch, which is rated 900 ft-lb.
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Part Number: MCCL-124

Companion Products

We've put together the following list of our favorite companion products to help complete your project!
Clutch Master Cylinder

Toyota factory clutch master cylinders. These are genuine ASCO (Aisin Seiki CO) parts made in Japan by the OEM for Toyota. These are not aftermarket copies!

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Clutch Slave Cylinder

Toyota factory clutch slave cylinders. These are genuine ASCO (Aisin Seiki COmpany) parts Made in Japan by Toyota. These are not aftermarket copies! Fits 1981-1995 drive trains.

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Heavy Duty Pressure Plate Bolt Kit

The ORIGINAL Toyota Rock Crawling Clutch Company is happy to offer this great addition to our Outstanding Clutch Line-up: Heavy Duty Pressure Plate Bolt Kit.

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Clutch Fork Boot for 1981-1995 applications

Genuine Toyota Clutch Fork Boot for 1981-1995 Hilux Trucks, 4Runners, T100 4-cylinder and 6-cylinder L- G- W- and R-series transmissions.

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22R-E 9-5/16" Flywheel

When changing your clutch it's a good time to check the condition of your flywheel. Broken bolts? Damaged starter teeth? Deep heat cracks? No problem, we have the solution. We stock resurfaced flywheels for your 4-cylinder or 6-cylinder Hilux, T100, Tacoma, or 4Runner. No core charge required. This flywheel fits a 2.4-liter 4-cylinder 1986-87 22R-TE (Turbo) and 11/1992 - 1995 22R-E non-Turbo Hilux and Hilux 4Runner. Fits a 9-5/16" clutch and is 23.9 pounds.

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22R Flywheel Bolt

This is a Genuine Toyota 22R Flywheel Bolt. It fits all 1981-95 2.4-liter 22R, 22R-E, and 22R-TE engines.

Each engine requires six flywheel bolts that are torqued to 80 lbs-ft.

Dimensions: 26mm long X 11mm diameter X 1.25mm thread pitch. The entire bolt measures 35mm in length.

Sold individually.

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Here is our Formula Toy with our 1,600 lb clutch kit
For times when you are most grateful to have our reliable clutch components!
Sluice Box, Rubicon Trail, July 2005