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SKU: MCAR-5513
2006-2014 FJ Cruiser

Note 12/8/22: On some FJ C applications, grinding my be required to clear driver side front differential bracket. We are investigating date ranges of brackets to correct the issue. Until then you may have to grind our gusset for clearance. Thank you for your understanding.

This is our new Heavy Duty Lower Control Arm (LCA) Frame Brace Kit first featured on BigMike's 2016 Tacoma! This unique and feature filled kit is Patented #11046135 and made right here in the USA!

This is the Ultimate IFS Gusset Setup that goes far beyond the Cam Tabs!

» LCA Flange and Cam Tab Gusseting

USA-made 1/4" thick H.D. Flange & Cam Tab Uprights

— Quarter inch plates are added to the outer walls of all 8 LCA mount flanges
— Nearly quadruples the thickness of each LCA flange wall!
— Greatly resists deforming or bending of cam tabs under severe impacts or bottoming out while jumping

• Installs over the top of existing factory Cam Alignment Tab Plates

— No drilling 24 spot-welds or having to chisel factory parts off with a hammer
— Simply rest each Heavy Duty Upright against each LCA flange and weld in place
Greatly reduces install effort and time

• Completely encompasses all 16 factory cam tabs

— Outer tabs receive a 1/2" section of 1/4" material
—— TWICE the strength of 1/4" cam alignment tabs
— Inner tabs receive 2.0" X 1/4" of material
—— Inner tabs receive the most stress from objects on the trail
— We guarantee you will NEVER bend a cam tab again!

• Can be installed over aftermarket Cam Tab Gussets

— If you already have aftermarket 1/4" Gussets installed, simply grind just an 1/8" from each inner face of our H.D. Uprights and install as normal

• Stable Alignment Proven with up to size 40" Tires

— For over 4 years we have never had factory alignment hardware come loose or alignments go out on our own rigs running 40" tires with manual and automatic transmissions, Dual and Triple transfer case Rock Crawler Tacomas and 4Runners. Further, we have a dozen more running 40" tires and two V8 4Runners on 35s competing in Ultra4 & King of the Hammers (KOH) rock racing events running our HD Frame Braces who have yet to report a loss of alignment. With any mechanical device, routinely maintain proper hardware torque and Toyota's proven design of factory eccentric hardware will never let you down!

» LCA Frame Mount Gusseting

USA-made 1/4" thick H.D. Lower Bracing

— Quarter inch plate is also added beneath each LCA mount
— Full 8-point Front & Rear LCA Frame Mount Gusseting
— Distributes forces across a wide contact area of the sub-frame assembly
— Converts each LCA flange pair into a very strong double-sheer design
— Bridges gaps between flanges to prevent catching edges on rocks
— Greatly resists deforming or bending of LCA flanges under severe impacts or bottoming out while jumping

• Angled Front Lower Brace deflects rocks and other objects

— Protects Cam Tabs and Alignment Hardware from direct impact
— Gently shifts alignment hardware safely away from objects during Rock Crawling

» Additional Features

• Can be installed without removing anything!

— Most of the kit can be installed (welded) without removing any hardware or control arms
— Eliminates the need for suspension re-alignment
— Ideally you'd want to finish inner flange welds and paint, but this isn't "required" and could be completed at a later date

• Retains all original alignment hardware

— If you choose to remove LCAs during installation, you can easily mark the position of all alignment parts and reinstall extremely close to the original alignment spec.

• Compatible with both factory and aftermarket suspension arms

— Does not interfere with or restrict the range of motion of any LCA we've seen so far
— Frame braces are clearanced for grease zerk access of aftermarket-style serviceable bushings

• Recesses and protects Alignment Hardware

— H.D. Uprights are thicker than the indexed flange of each eccentric fully protecting them from forward or rearward impact with objects passing under the truck

Proposition 65 Warning for California Consumers

WARNING: Products we sell can expose you to chemicals which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.p65warnings.ca.gov.

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