Billet Toyota Wheel Spacers

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We have brought back our Billet 6061-T6 Aluminum Wheel Spacers!

Wheel Spacers are great for multiple reasons:

  • Tire to frame clearance
  • Tire to leaf spring clearance
  • Correcting for incorrect wheel offset
  • Matching track widths
  • Improved sidehill stability
  • Increased roll-over angle

These wheel spacers are a 6 lug x 5.5" Toyota pattern and are 1-1/2" thick. This is the most common wheel spacer thickness for Toyota trucks because it will transform a front 1979-1985 live axle to a width of 58-1/2 inches, which is the same width as a 1986-1995 Pickup/4Runner 4cyl or 6cyl rear axle.

Very easy to install. Simply remove wheel, bolt on wheel spacer with provided nuts, and reinstall wheel. Twelve 12x1.5mm metric studs are pre-installed and includes 12 matching lug nuts.

Sold as a pair.


Part Number: MCAX-6115