Rear Axle Service Kit, 1973-92 Land Cruiser

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Marlin Crawler Land Cruiser Rear Axle Rebuild KitMarlin Crawler Land Cruiser Rear Axle Rebuild Kit
1973-84 40-series
1968-80 FJ55
1981-89 60-series
1990-92 FJ80

Kit includes:
(2) Koyo Bearings
(2) Rear Axle Seals
(1) Genuine Toyota Rear Differential Cover Gasket

We do not include the factory c-clips because Toyota has a dozen different sizes that are used as well as different sizes being required for different ARB air lockers, Detriot lockers, et cetera. Therefore, we recommend checking your tolerances before reassembly to see what size c-clips your particular axle needs. We have found that in most cases the original c-clips can be re-used without any change in tolerances. This being said however, we highly recommend to always check axle end-play. Please consult your factory service manual for tolerance information.

This is a rear axle rebuild kit for your 9/73-8/92 FJ40/60/62/80 Land Cruiser.

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