Chromoly UM07 Marfield, 27-spline

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Installation Notes
Internal clearancing of the axle ball end may be required. Clearance to fit. Installation Notes

Back by popular demand is the next-generation UM07 Marfield!

Larger tires and bigger rocks require the latest axle technology. These heavy duty replacement Birfield joints are made by the popular Volkswagon company EMPI. They feature full 4340 Chromoly steel construction with full ball races to maximize your turning angles.

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These joints come with our 2-year double warranty policy, the same policy we've used since the mid 1990's on our Marfield joints that has now become an industry standard on heavy duty birfields! You won't find any original parts manufacture with this sort of warranty! With almost two decades of warranty experience, we provide the best customer support and buyer confidence in the industry. In the unlikely case you break a UM07 within two years of the receipt date, simply call us up for a free replacment. In the highly unlikely case you manage to break the same component a second time, we'll replace it for half price!

They are designed to be used with stock inner axles or our heavy duty Alloy Chromoly inner axle shafts. Two Marfield's are required to fully service one front axle. These axles are stronger and have a slightly larger OD than stock axles. Modifications to your housing is generally not required, however we advise you test for interference before fully assembling your axle.

Please also remember that the inner axle outer c-clip may sometimes be reusable but often times it breaks apart when removing the birfield from its axle. In this case, you may wish to also include an OEM Toyota inner axle outer c-clip with your order!

Please note: 1976-1978 applications require 1979-1989 live axle Toyota hubs and hub dials (found on 1979-1989 live axle'd FJ40/FJ55/FJ60/FJ62/Pickup/4Runner). This is due to an axle redesign in 1979 rendering 1976-1978 parts obsolete.

Sold individually.

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