FJ80 Knuckle Gasket & Seal Kit

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SKU: MCAX-1543
1990-97 Land Cruiser

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This is our High Quality Knuckle Seal Kit for your FJ80 Land Cruiser! When tearing down your knuckles, often times you may only need to replace gaskets and/or seals. We put together this inexpensive kit for this exact reason! Especially if you are using our extremely long lasting Koyo knuckle bearings, purchasing the full kit is often not needed.

Includes all the standard knuckle service parts: wipers, felts, gaskets, lock washers, bearing seals, hub gaskets, and a pair of stock inner axle seals. Please note we do not include the metal split ring nor half moon plates because they are not serviceable parts and are recommended to be reused by Toyota.

Fits 1990-97 FJ80 Land Cruiser Front Axles! Kit does not include knuckle or wheel bearings. Shims are not included because FJ80 stock shims are always reused.

Why would you consider our kit:

  • High Quality FJ80 Made-In-Japan Parts
  • Pair of Stock inner axle seals
  • Build it right the first time to prevent costly repairs from non-Toyota components.

This kit is for FJ80 Front Axles ONLY.

Covers both left and right sides. Order (1) for one complete front axle.

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