Monster Valves

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SKU: POTK-MON-8200-4

Powertank Monster Valves, Set of 4 Monster Valves. Kit includes 1 valve stem adapter.


Monster Valves are oversized, light weight yet strong valve stems that you install as a second stem to your wheel. Made from 7018 alumnum, they are the FASTEST tire deflation product on the market. Imagine airing down a 39.5x13.50 tire down 30 PSI in 30 seconds. This kit also includes a Monster Chuck which, when used with a Power Tank, will inflate that same tire in 50-60 seconds. And they are EASY to install into steel or aluminum wheels. Just drill a 7/16" hole, tap 1/4" NPT threads, and screw them in. Done. You don’t even have to remove your tire from the rim.
With an aluminum body and collar and brass cap the total weight of each valve is a mere 1.1 oz. Due to its construction it is 5 times stiffer than a standard metal valve

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