LED Rock Light & Strobe Kit

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SKU: MCLE-1611

We do a lot of Rock Crawling and have explored many options for a Rock Crawling light kit. The result of our search is Vision X's Tantrum Rock Crawling LED Light Kit!

The first thing we like about this kit is how bright the LED pods are. Each pod contains 15 LED bulbs that do a great job at spreading light: 4 bulbs direct light in front of each pod while an additional 11 bulbs spread light for a well lit area. Then, we love the different modes the system has. At the press of a button, you can cycle through 11 light strobing modes including two different music/sound synchronization modes. Each strobe mode has adjustable speeds and the sound synchronization modes have adjustable sound sensitivity. Finally, we like how this is an all-in-one package with everything you could possibly need including two different types of mounting hardware: simple adhesive as well as hard-mounting brackets with screws.

Each kit includes a Master Controller with built-in microphone for music/sound synchronization, 8 LED pods (1.25" round, 15 LEDs each), a Distribution Block, Wireless Remote with a 1,000-foot range, Mounting Hardware and Instructions. The system is powered by your vehicles battery/charging system and the complete kit with all 120 LED lights shining bright only draws 0.67 amps.

Other applications could include Under the Hood Lighting, Strobe/Flash System with a Music Beat & Rhythm mode, or for use as Work or Cargo Area Illumination.

Instructions are included and we believe you'll find they are very easy to install. 1) Mount the eight waterproof PODs where ever you like using the included adhesive and/or screws, 2) Mount the distribution block and hook-up the 8 POD wires to it, 3) Mount the master controller somewhere in your cab and connect its wire to the distribution block, 4) Supply power to the master controller by using an included cigarette lighter plug or cut off the plug and hardwire to a different power source (very simple, only 1 hot and 1 ground wire to connect), and 5) Turn the master controller on and enjoy!

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