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We are all familiar with the typical J-pattern of a Toyota 4WD transfercase. The options include 2WD-High, 4WD-High, Neutral, and 4WD-Low. What you might not know is that these patterns are controlled by two separate shift rails that operate both 2WD/4WD and High/Neutral/Low respectfully. With Marlin Crawler's new Twin Stick Shifter, we can now separate these patterns and offer the user a 2WD-Low range selection. Since both rails are now independent of each other, they can be moved in any pattern desired. 2WD-High/Netural/Low and 4WD-High/Netural/Low. When used with a Marlin Crawler dual transfercase, you now have the option of 2WD-Double Low range. Marlin Crawler's new Twin Stick Shifter does just this and is very simple and innovative at the same time.

When designing the new Twin Stick, Marlin wanted to keep it simple and have the best functionality possible. It features a low profile billet base that is both waterproof and oil-leak free without the need of boots that degrade over time. Its compact design is great for low clearance applications. The vent breather is smartly tucked below the strong billet casing on the top of the base plate. This simple design has no attached bolts or brackets that might become lose over time. This provides for the greatest clearance while protecting the vent and preventing accidental oil leaks. Can be used with or without included shift boot.

Another great feature of Marlin Crawler's Twin Stick Shifter is that the heat-treated chromoly shift rods are not only a precision fit, but also have an internal o-ring that seals the oil from the inside. No external rubber boots are required. This innovative design allows for smooth lifetime long operation with virtually no maintenance required.

The Twin Stick comes completely assembled with a one-piece billet aluminum base, heat-treated chromoly internal shift rods and fingers, an in-cab Twin Stick dust boot, new factory Toyota metal gasket, and two black shift handles with either Marlin Crawler's signature Turtle Shift Knobs or specially labeled Twin Stick Shift Knobs. These knobs are rubber-based rather than plastic for a comfortable feel that will never get excessively hot.

The Twin Stick is available for all 4- or 5-speed 1979-current 4WD Toyota Pickup Trucks and 4Runners, all 5-speed 3.0L models, 3.4L Tacoma's, T100s, and 4Runners. Automatic applications include 1993-97 Automatic T100s, and 1995.5 – current 3.4L Automatic Tacoma's and Tundra's excluding shift on the fly applications. Dual Shifter Kits $199

Dual Shifter Kit Includes:

  • Dual Boot
  • 2 Shift Knobs
  • Mounting Bolts


  • Top Twin Shift version is used on top shifting transfer cases or on the rear of a dual transfer case
  • Forward Twin Shift version is used on forward shifting single transfer cases made from 1984-1988
  • V6 Twin Shift version is used on chain drive V6 transfer cases from 1988-2004
  • R10 Twin Shift version is for use on a rear, top shifting transfer case behind an MC08 R10 rotated adapter. This model has levers that are angled 10 degrees allowing the levers to stand straight up when used on the rotated dual case setup

Twin shifters can not be used on a single transfer case behind a W56 C or D model transmission but can be used on the rear case of a dual case setup on these transmissions. High/Low and 2wd/4wd shift knobs are provided unless otherwise requested.

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