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Here is our very own Marlin Crawler Inner Axle Seal Installer!

Seal driver will help holds the seal in position during installation to prevent damage or improper seating of the seal. With our seal driver you will enjoy a faster and easier installation of an inner axle seal. A knurled handle, for those sometimes greasy jobs, aids in better control of the tool. Using this tool here at the shop has also lead to fewer smashed hands. Driver head is removable and in the future will we offer a variety of replacement heads for servicing your 4x4 Toyota!

Works on all Toyota solid axles, 1979-85 Truck, 1969-90 FJ4*/FJ5*/FJ6*.

This installer currently does NOT work with our 1991-97 FJ80 EcoSeal HD inner axle seals.


Part Number: MCHT-832