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Includes 2 Heavy Duty Inner Axle EcoSeals!

Includes all the standard knuckle service parts: wipers, felts, gaskets, lock washers, inner axle & bearing seals, hub gaskets, knuckle shims, and High Quality Japanese-made Yukon knuckle bearings and KOYO wheel bearings. This is not just another no-name knuckle bearing kit! Fits 79-85 Pickup/4Runner, FJ40, FJ55, FJ60 & FJ-62. Includes all serviceable parts including wheel bearings. Kit covers both left and right sides. Please note we do not include the metal split ring nor half moon plates because they are not serviceable parts and are recommended to be reused by Toyota.

Properly align your knuckles
with our OEM Toyota SST.

Why would you consider our kit:

  • High Quality Made-In-Japan Parts
  • Heavy Duty Inner axle EcoSeals
    • Click here to read why these are the best seals on the planet
  • High Quality Japanese-made Yukon Knuckle Bearings
  • High Quality Japanese-made KOYO Wheel Bearings
  • Build it right the first time to prevent costly repairs from non-Toyota components.

Click here for our FJ80 Kit!

(Starting at $179.00)

Companion Products

We've put together the following list of our favorite companion products to help complete your project!
Spindle Nut Kit

This is our high quality Spindle Nut Kit featuring OEM Toyota parts straight from Japan! Don't be left high and dry with another unuseable star ring! Click here for installation instructions.

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Brass Spindle Axle Bushing

We only use genuine Toyota spindle axle bushings that are machined to close tolerance to ensure lasting performance without seizing or locking-up on your birfield. Sold individually.

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54mm Socket

Our 54mm Socket featuring ½" ratchet drive was designed just for removing and reinstalling the 54mm spindle nuts. This is an important tool for servicing and maintaining your solid axle front end. Many of the front axles we build require a new pair of spindle nuts because the previous R&R had been with screw drivers or chisels as the spindle nuts R&R tool. This improper use leaves the spindle nut with deep gouges and prevents proper preload for the wheel bearings and outer spindle nut torque. It’s impossible to correctly service your wheel bearings with just a screw driver or chisel. The FSM calls for 6-8 lbs of preload for you wheel bearings and the outer spindle nut being torqued down to 34 ft-lbs.

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Knuckle Pull Scale

This Knuckle Pull Scale is a great tool to have when adjusting your knuckle pivot preload.

The scale has a range of 0-55 pounds

The FSM calls for 6.2 to 12.3 pounds of preload, but we prefer to run 10 to 15 pounds for tires larger than 33" in diameter.

Click more info for usage instructions.

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Snap Ring Pliers

High Quality Wilde Snap Ring Pliers with comfortable red rubber handles!

These are sure to be the last pair of Snap Ring pliers you'll ever buy!!

The nose of these pilers are just 1/4" thick and expand to over a 1-3/4" pull!

Made in USA by Wilde Tool Co., Inc.!

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C-Clip Pliers

We offer these C-Clip pliers which work perfect for the installation of the large c-clip over the end of our dual case coupler.

If you find your own pliers are not up to the task, give these bad boys a try.

Very sturdy and best of all, they are made in the USA!

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Hub Dial Detent Kit

If your hub dial is as easy to rotate as a fork in frozen tree sap, then it's likely you have rusted detent components or a broken or stuck detent spring.

We now carry replacement hub dial detent ball and spring to get your dial back to it's smooth "click"-"click" Lock-Free movements.

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Marlin Crawler Backing Plate Eliminator Kit

From the desert landscape of Johnson Valley to the beautiful smokey mountains of Tennessee, rocks are everywhere. One place you certainly don't want rocks to be is between your front disc rotors and your backing plates. If you enjoy Rock Crawling, you need our backing plate eliminator kit!

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Toyota Steering Arm Press Special Service Tool

This is the Toyota Steering Arm Service Tool that is used to press apart steering arms and bearing caps. Fully compatible with both stock 17mm pin setups as well as our Heavy Duty 25mm Chromoly pin setups, it is the preferred method of removing the steering arm and bearing cap from your knuckle!

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Marlin Crawler SST Knuckle Alignment Tool

The Toyota Knuckle Alignment Tool is finally here! It is important to know what shims to use when rebuilding your front knuckles. This Special Service Tool from Toyota is the authentic way to get the job done. This Genuine Toyota Factory Service Tool measure precisely what shim to use in order to properly align your knuckle to your front axle housing. Protect your investment by building it right the first time!

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Marlin Crawler Knuckle Stud Kit

We are now offering knuckle stud kits to save you time and money. This is a great way to add knuckle parts to your cart with just one mouse click! Kit includes a Knuckle Stud, a Knuckle Stud Cone Washer, a Knuckle Stud Flat Washer, and a Knuckle Stud Nut. These are high quality parts Made In Japan!

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